POSmaster Stands Advertising totem

Advertising accessories for store shelves

Advertising totem

A printed cardboard case for products placed in collective packaging. Increases the visibility of the product and directly affects the growth of sales.
They are mainly made of laminated corrugated board B or EB, depending on the client’s requirements.
Production time
depends on the manner of execution and the quantity ordered.

Jak wygląda proces produkcji?

The construction and design of the model based on customer guidelines
After receiving guidelines regarding the advertising totem, depending on its complexity, we prepare a dedicated 3d model or 3d visualization from the library of available implementations.
DTP acceptance of delivered files and prototype production
Our Client receives files with the advertising totem structure along with the instructions for placing the graphics. After sending the files, we do additional DTP verification stage and then continue with production of the prototype, used during the acceptance stage.
Production and delivery of the final product to the customer
After the acceptance, we move to the production of advertising totem. We can also plan and implement the entire logistics process in order to deliver advertising totems to many diffrent points of sale.

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