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Compendium of knowledge

POS materials – compendium of knowledge

Point of Sale Materials – what are they?

POS materials (point of sale) or POSM (point of sales materials) are innovative advertising support, that help boost sales directly in the point of purchase or in the nearby vicinity. It’s one of the most commonly used and rapidly reaching the client Advertisement BLT elements (bellow the line).

First POS materials were known since ancient history. Advertisement materials which were targeted to encourage shopping among clients were made in stone or terracotta. Those signs were displayed directly on walls of various buildings. The invention of print had a significant influence on evolution of ads, especially POS materials. Since XV century, vendors had much wider Advertisement selection. In the next stage stands and banners similar to the ones we are familiar with today have emerged during the industrial revolution.

Properly selected POS materials can affect not only surge in sales but also influence the rise in brand recognition, which automatically contributes to continuous growth of our company’s success. Concept of BLT Advertisement (below the line) is regarding ads targeting directly our retail client – he is the recipient of our expressed via POS message.

Effective POS materials are characterised by esthetic look and unconventional solutions. These materials have to be intriguing and interesting to catch our client eyes and influence their shopping decisions. POS materials might be placed in company stores, shops and advertising stands. The ones that are mobile, can be transported to various places and presented beyond regular points of purchase, p.e. on trade fairs or promo events .
What types of POS materials can we distinguish?

Types of POS materials

Nowadays POS materials are made of materials such as corrugated cardboard, plywood or cartoon. They can also be made out of plastic. When POS materials are made of paper or cardboard we call it soft materials. They are less durable, although can be produced in bigger volumes and much cheaper. On the other hand, when POS materials are made of plastic or metal, we than say they are so called hard materials. Those materials can be used in the long term however their design needs to be properly planned as they aren’t among the cheapest of materials. Once made hard materials will last long years, that’s why it’s a good idea to design these ads with universal graphics like company’s logo and interesting catchphrases.

If you are still wondering, what exactly are POS materials, bellow you can find a list with bunch of examples of such advertising materials. The most popular of them are adverstising stands and displays, which are designed to present our products however POS selection is much wider.

POS materials can be displayed on shop counter, shelf, ceiling, floor or any other shopping space.

POS materials among other things:

  • change tray – plastic trays, placed by the counter on which the change is counted,
  • Sign field – Two sided banners set on tubbings,
  • displays – advertising stands, placed on counters, to familiarize the customer with our products (by leaflets or brochures),
  • dispenser – POS materials in the shape of plastic pocket, placed on a counter,
  • shelf expositors,
  • shelfstopper – advertising pennants,
  • gondola ends – POS materials placed at the end of the aisle,
  • advertising hanger – ceiling hangers with logo, often two sided and hanged on the special wires,
  • infokiosk – interactive advertising terminal,
  • advertising coffers,
  • Advertising totem – casing for products in collective packaging
  • Fill up basket – printed containers for products,
  • Horizontal shelfliner – horizontally stretched ribbons with advertising materials, often stretched across a whole shelf or aisle,
  • lightbox – podświetlane kasetony z plakatem umieszczonym wewnątrz,
  • PriceStrip – Price strips are printed with product name and price,
  • Advertising mirrors,
  • mock ups,
  • menuboard,
  • Advertising stickers, placed on store shelfs or floor,
  • Pallet Corners – decorative elements used for making product islands,
  • Pallet wrappers – special ribbons used to decorate pallets and make pallet islands to encourage buying goods from the pallet,
  • Banner display – hanging or standing small advertising boards often placed in store expositions,
  • gravity feeders,
  • trays for beer stands,
  • Advertising-stand – Stands made of two PCV frames, these materials are often used by gastronomy and clubs,
  • Rollups – Rolled out advertising prints, they are mobile and often used for any kind of promotional events or trade fairs,
  • napkin holders,
  • shelfliners – Printed strips firmly attached to store shelves,
  • stands, standing Advertisement p.e. modular stands – autonomous shelves with drawers in which the products are placed or hook stands – shelves with hooks for products,
  • Leaflets display,
  • Folder displays,
  • Leaflets stands,
  • Advertising stands – autonomous plastic stands,
  • Exhibition stands: For trade fairs and promotional events,
  • stopper or shelfstopper – visible from far coffers, catching customers eye and diverting his attention towards the shelf, they are perpendicular to shelf often on a jib.
  • Advertising board,
  • Product tray,
  • Offer folders,
  • tombstone – advertising materials in a chunk of plastic,
  • toppers – Displays or expositors – POS materials in the form of overlay, placed above the advertising stand or on the highest shelfs,
  • wobblers – movable advertising fixed to shelfs, in different shapes,
  • Product Islands – casing for group of products,
  • Leaflets,
  • Pallet wrappers – casing for transported pallets.


POS materials – show your brand in good light

How POS materials can improve your Brand? Marketing message which is brought by such materials, can very rapidly reach the mass consumers. POSM can be placed in your own store, shopping mall, on the street or in any other public place – in every place where your brand will be more recognizable!
If you are looking for original and unconventional advertising materials, which will catch the eye of our customer and you care about increasing your brand recognition among clients with low costs… Also counting on high quality and professional help with major personalization options as well as fast production time… It is a sign that your company needs POS materials!!!


POS materials producer

Are you interested in POS materials? The POS manufacturer that you need to check out is POSmaster! Our company specializes in the production of POS materials. Beyond 20 years of experience in printing and manufacturing of advertising materials allows us to carry out clients POS campaigns on the highest possible level of engagement and quality!



In our offer you’ll find:

As well as many other types of advertising materials in the point of purchase and beyond.


POS materials price list

POS materials guarantee uninterrupted brand recognition, and the production costs are lower than in case of internet or tv marketing. Posmaster offers super competitive prices for design and production of printed advertising materials. What are the costs of POS materials? Our price is individually set based on the client specification and needs. Tailor-made solutions, contact us to see our offer specially personalized for your needs.



We can offer production of POS materials such as.:

  • Advertising displays, Leaflets display, advertising stand – these printed autonomous POS materials are placed in the checkout area. Catching the attention of customers awaiting to pay for his shopping, most often successfully encouraging customers to add a product to their basket,
  • POS accessories for store shelfs – Elements such as Price strips, Shelfliners, Shelfstoppers, or Wobblers are supposed to highlight the products advantages and encourage the customer to purchase them,
  • rollups – other than exposition stands and displays it’s often worth it to try roll-ups – it’s a mobile solution that can be quickly and simply packed and moved to any other location, POSmaster’s rollups are durable and high quality, which makes them reusable and in any situation a perfect eye catching Advertisement,
  • stands – these standing materials are used for exposing the products. We have in offer wide selection of stands such as; Shelf stands, hook stands, modular stands, flat stands, Elliptical stands, advertising totems as well as irregularly shaped stands made according to customers specification,
  • Exhibition stands – for your venue to stand out during events and trade fairs, it’s a good idea to invest in the personalized promotional exhibition stands. Successfully arranged they will lure to your venue any potential customers,
  • Pallet wrappers – pallet wrappers, product islands and pallet corners can be used to make an product islands placed in your store encouraging customers to purchase the palleted merchendise.


POS materials in WARSAW

One of the polish cities where pos materials are especially eye-catching, is Warsaw. POS advertising of big corporations can be noticed on almost every step. In other cities, as well as rural regions POS advertising is also pretty common that’s why no matter where your company is operating, it’s worth your effort to invest in POS commercials. In a smaller city, there is less competition POS Advertisement nearby, which can increase the chance that our Advertisement will reach customers in the flood of information. How is the process of POS production made?


Proccess of POS production?

At POSmaster every customer is special, so each one has a personal brand manager, whose main focus is to help in implementing the POS campaign. To start production, client must deliver to our POS manufacture graphic project file. Sent files should be matched with desired manufacturers specification, among other things it’s important to take under consideration margins for the cutter of POS elements. Received graphics are than projected onto a 3D model and finally sent back to the client for the final acceptation.

The production process of POS begins at the time when the client has approved the 3D model of POS personalized according to specification. Digital and offset print is most commonly practiced for POS manufacturing. After printing, POS materials are delivered to the clients warehouse or distributed among the Points of Purchase where they are going to boost sales. Depending on the producer, it’s possible to receive final materials delivered directly to our sales points.

In summary, the first stage of POS manufacturing consists of receiving the specification on the desired advertising materials. Second stage is appraisal of the offer and making off a 3D visualization. Third stage is producing the prototype to match desired specification. At this point we accept the project and begin the final stage of production – printing and manufacturing of the designed POS campaign Advertisement as well as the logistics support in distribution of the order (if the client has desired that).


PROS of POS materials

As mentioned before, the biggest advantage of POS materials is the possibility to display advertising to a broad group of customers cheap. Thanks to that the potential for POS Advertisement can be a blessing to anyone – not only the big companies – but just as well small enterprises with a more constrained budget.

Another advantage is major influence on customers shopping decisions. About 70% of decisions are made up directly on the spot of purchase or in the nearby vicinity. The shopping need is boosted by the POS materials which catch clients eye and encourage spending.

POS materials are real good tools for encouraging spending among our clients that aren’t yet fully decided. Company’s logo placed in a visible place together with a catchy advertising phrase, can increase trust in your brand. It’s also very effective at the time when our customer is feeling undecided or uncertain during shopping.

POSM also gives a lot of customization possibilities and a huge selection of material types to pick from. New POS materials are developed every day with even more innovative advertising solutions. Thanks to that, entrepreneur can easily customize form and type of POSM to his needs and reach established goals with very little volume of Advertisement elements.

The trend that invariably accompanies modern ads consists of designing unconventional and increasingly interactive advertising materials. That concerns POS just as well. A good example are infokiosk’s – interactive computer terminals, which are tasked with presenting our products to the buyer. Lightboxes – lit up ad materials – are also trendy currently.

CONS of POS materials

Public space littering can be seen as one of the cons of POSM. Although they are mostly placed in places where their existence is not influencing the esthetics of surrounding in a negative way. For an ad integrated with POS to be effective, it’s recommended for a succesful campaign to be moderately balanced, do not place too many information in one place or it will be too much to comprehend.
Another disadvantage is POS materials durability. Mainly concerning all the soft marketing materials. On the other hand, it can be seen as an advantage, especially in case of short-term campaigns, that often require replacement of the previous banners into new ones, more up to date. In such case manufacturing durable materials would be an unneccesary cost.
We could also recognize time consuming production as a disadvantage. Manufacturing of personalized advertising materials can take up to 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the progress of designing the campaign and receiving final acceptation. Production time is also affected by the complexity of each project. Unconventional solutions are usually more time consuming, especially if we want to prepare the materials in hight quality.

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