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Let us help you plan and implement your POS campaign to support the sales of your product in distribution networks.

Let us help you plan and implement your POS campaign to support the sales of your product in distribution networks.


Over 20 years of experience in the printing industry and producing advertising materials has allowed is to expand our offer to organising POS campaigns supporting sales at the highest level.

Our products

Displays and advertising stands

Use Printed free-standing advertising items designed to attract customer attention. The loaded display and advertising stands are usually placed in the cash register zone, which has a very large impact on increasing sales and strengthens the image of the brand through a relatively lengthy contact of consumers with the product while waiting to complete their purchases. The main goal is to attract customer attention and encourage them to view the product or the materials on the display.
Products Advertising display, Leaflets display, Advertising stand, Rollup, Pancard
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Use Constructions designed for displaying offered products at points of sale. We offer both standard shaped stands, as well as custom solutions created based on the client’s design. The right type of construction and graphic design is one of the basic factors affecting product sales and an effective image campaign of the company.
Products Shelf stand, , Modular stand, , Eliptical stand, Advertising totem, .
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Advertising accessories
for store shelves

Use Advertising elements placed on store shelves in order to display a promotional offer or product features highlighting its appeal. They play a significant role in the key stage of making a purchase decision by the customer, that is, when reaching for the item on the shelf.
Products Price strip, Shelfliner, Shelfstopper, Wobbler, Advertising hanger, Shelving ends.
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Pallet wrappers

Use Decorative and advertising casing for transport pallets used to enhance the display of goods sold directly from pallets, used for both small and large numbers of products. Placed in the open retail space, mainly in supermarkets and wholesale distribution outlets.
Products Soft pallet wrapper, Hard pallet wrapper, Product island, Pallet corner
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Exhibition stands

Use They play a key role during trade fairs or promotional campaigns conducted in sales networks. The right arrangement of the exhibition/promotional stand is the key to arousing the interest of potential customers and for direct presentation/tasting of the promoted products.
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Unique solutions

Does your product require a custom approach? Together with our construction department we will help you design, choose materials for and execute your project. Contact us and let’s work together! | Fulfillment ||| Printing House ||| Warehouse rental |

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How long is the POS production process?

Depending on the complexity and size of the order, the POS production takes 2 to 4 weeks, assuming that the final production files have been delivered and the final design prepared by POSmaster has been approved.

What are the stages of the POS production process?

Before starting production, together with the customer we choose a POS best suited to the customer’s needs and campaign requirements. After approving the 3d design, a model is created covered by a foil printed with the final images. This is followed by final approval and load tests. After the model is approved, we complete the work on the order. The finished POS is sent to the customer's warehouse or directly to the points of sale.

How should production files be delivered?

The production files should be delivered in accordance with the specification sent by the POSmaster together with the outlines of the blanking dies of the individual components of the POS.

What printing technologies are used in the production of POS?

Depending on the size of the order, digital printing (for small orders) or offset printing technology (for larger orders) is used in POS production.

Is there a customer approval stage during the production process?

At the customer’s request, POSMaster can schedule an approval stage for the prints during the production process. Also, a sample POS can be made at the customer's request.

Do you provide a 3D visualization of the POS with printed graphic images?

After receiving the proper files from the customer, the graphics are applied to the 3d model, which must be approved by the customer before the production process.

Can you package and dispatch orders to multiple points?

Yes. Orders can be sent directly to the customer's warehouse or packaged together with additional inserts and sent to the points of sale.

What materials are POS products made of?

Most POS products are made of 3 and 5-layer corrugated board, cardboard or plywood. In the case of smaller elements such as wobblers, shelfliners or shelfstoppers, we can replace the cardboard with a printed material using 3D thermoforming.

Can you provide graphic designs for the POS products?

The graphic design is provided by the customer based on the specification and blanking dies prepared by the POSMaster.

Do all customers have a dedicated consultant?

All our customers have a permanent POSmaster consultant. This enables us to better respond to the needs and requirements of our customers when working on subsequent projects.

What is the process for custom orders?

For custom orders, it is first necessary to specify the customer’s requirements. On the basis of such specification, we prepare an offer along with recommendations regarding the materials used and an initial 3d design.


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